At King’s Floor Covering, we feel that the adage, “Home is where your heart lies,” continues to be as relevant as ever. The welcome smiles, the loving hugs, and the happy laughs that greet you back home after a hard day’s work make it all worth it. Now, King’s Floor Covering adds one more joy to your life – soft, plush, and luxurious carpets and flooring.

The soft support under the feet, the smooth surfaces, and the quiet steps elevate your lifestyle to luxury living. Imagine flooring designs that are as pleasing to the eyes as they are to the touch. That’s the elegant luxury that welcomes you every day when you return home.

Spruce up your bedrooms, children’s rooms, and other areas with soft flooring that can transform your home into a comfy haven.

  • Soft
  • Comfy
  • Smooth
  • Quiet
  • Warm
  • Affordable
Premium Quality at Non-premium Prices

King’s Floor Covering offers quality for every budget. The soft, luxury flooring does not come with a compromise in quality or price. Whether you need waterproof flooring, a durable option, a modern look, or something else, we have just the right choices for you. Carpets, luxury vinyl, rugs, and other soft flooring options elevate your home comfort quotient at the price you desire.

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More Flooring Options By Need
Durable Flooring

High-quality, long-lasting, and wear-resistant flooring options for the high-traffic areas come in several options – tiles, vinyl, hardwood, carpets, and more.

Pet-friendly Flooring

Explore the durable, stain-resistant, and easy-care flooring options that make the lives of pet owners a lot easier, while creating a healthy atmosphere for you and your pets.

Kid-friendly Flooring

Flooring options that are designed to take all the spills, stains, soil, wear, scratches, and more. They are durable, wear-resistant, and easy to care. Above all, they are healthy.

Ecofriendly Carpets and Flooring

Carpets and flooring materials manufactured from recycled products, sustainable materials, and other eco-friendly options to keep your home earth-friendly and responsible.

Financing Your Flooring Project

We want to take the burden of financing your home improvement off your list of worries. We’re here to make the process as seamless as possible with same day approval and 0% interest offered every day. Learn More.

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King's Floor Covering, INC. offers FREE in-home estimates with samples brought right to your door for a shop at home experience. With the largest showroom in the area and our expansive onsite warehouse we guarantee you'll find the flooring you want. Contact us for more information.