Expect Quality, Get Quality. Period.

Elevate your lifestyle with high-quality, durable, and beautiful products that transform your house into a cozy home.

Get the finest in flooring and window fashion without raising your budget.

The Wood Appeal

Nothing matches the splendor of a hardwood floor look. Embrace the timeless woody charm and its cozy warmth with modern, innovative, and affordable flooring materials.

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The Tile Appeal

Explore the beautiful symmetry, clean and sharp lines, and the unrivaled sophistication of tile flooring in your choice of flooring materials – porcelain, luxury vinyl, or other options.

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And, The Carpets

Gift yourself the swanky extravagance that only a plush carpet can offer. From minimalist design options to luxurious style statements, we have just the right carpet for you.

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Quality That Transcends Time

King’s Floor Covering installs high-quality, branded products that are designed to survive the tests of time. The products we use look good, and feel great and will continue to do so for decades to come. We love installing floors, carpets, and window fashions that offer the background for people’s most cherished memories with their families.

With King’s Floor Covering installations, our products and installations last as long as the memories you make with them.

Time-tested and Proven Products

Extensive experience and in-depth evaluations form the bedrock of our confidence in the products we use. We subject every branded product we use to rigorous analyses against several factors to establish its strength, integrity, durability, friction, and other characteristics. Our decades’ worth of experience gives us a deep insight into each product’s long-term usability and performance.


We maintain a carefully handpicked list of top brands whose products have consistently met our high standards of performance and usability. They have never failed us!


Our experts evaluate each product to understand its consistency, wear rating, scratch resistance, durability, and even fabrication process before qualifying it for our services.


Our customers always get the very best in flooring and window fashion. Every product we install for them bears all the top industry credentials, including certifications and ISO ratings.

Every Budget

20 years as an honest family business has taught us something simple and yet often confounding to customers – quality does not always demand a premium. Excellent products and services come in every shape, size, and budget.

Let us know your budget, and we’ll create something beautiful and long-lasting to match it.

Enjoy the Peace of Mind

Our confidence in our services is a product of our commitment to excellence. Yet, if you ever face an issue with our installation, just call us, and we’ll fulfill our service warranty. If it’s a product issue, we’ll offer assistance in claiming the product warranty.

Find the Best Products For Your Budget

Financing Your Flooring Project

We want to take the burden of financing your home improvement off your list of worries. We’re here to make the process as seamless as possible with same day approval and 0% interest offered every day. Learn More.

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King's Floor Covering, INC. offers FREE in-home estimates with samples brought right to your door for a shop at home experience. With the largest showroom in the area and our expansive onsite warehouse we guarantee you'll find the flooring you want. Contact us for more information.